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Quick Guide

How to get interviewed by our editors!


Once we’ve got your press releases and profiles covered, a great addition to our coverage of your company is for us to interview your executives. Add interviews from your executives to the hundreds of publications in the BusinessMVP Network! 

On Demand:
Visit this site any time to see about our latest Interview Topics. Have the expert(s) from your company or client  answer the questions and submit them to us. If our editors approve, we’ll publish them on the appropriate site(s) and consider them for quotes in our articles and other types of coverage.

No Charge
Interviews are editorial. We never charge for editorial.

The Short Story

Written Interviews – You have the questions. Take the time to give your best answer. 
On Demand
 – Add an interview or a new section to an interview any time!
Exact Quotes – We publish your answers exactly as you submit them. So, there is no chance for a misquote!
Changes – Not totally happy with one of your answers? No worries, we’ll change it.
Accounts – Add interviews for any of your executives or PR clients any time with a PR Account.

Top Executives
We build profiles of the top executives. Every time an executive answers interview questions, we add those questions to that executive’s central profile. We are always looking for ways to feature our top executives.

Business Topics

We want to hear from the top experts in your company. 

Company – Talk about the history, latest successes or future of your company.
Product – Talk about your company’s latest products.
Industry – Share your expertise in our coverage of your industry
Event – Be a part of our coverage of the top trade shows.
Career – Share your career background and successes.

Lifestyle Topics

Executives shouldn’t always be about business. Sometimes, it’s good business to add a personal touch. So, tell our readers about the real you. 

Hometown – Give our readers an inside view to the best of your hometown. 
Travel – Share your picks for the top hotels & restaurants in the cities you know best.
Education – Tell our readers about your Alma Mater as a part of our coverage of the top Universities.
Philanthropy – Support your favorite charities even more by giving them coverage on our network.


Although we are certainly open to publishing as much quality content as possible, quality is our main goal. Besides general professionalism, two of our main quality standards are credibility and relevancy.

Credibility – We would love to interview as many top executives as possible as long as they have expertise on the topic. 

Relevancy –  We would love for you to include any expertise you have as long as it is relevant to the topic.


Approved Companies & Agencies
We recommend contacting us to become an approved company or agency before submitting any content. 

Keep it Brief
With the rising popularity of mobile and decreasing attention spans, it’s very important to give concise answers.

Marketing vs PR
PR is good marketing. But, marketing is not necessarily good PR. Blatantly selling or pushing a product is never good PR or media coverage. 

What we don’t cover?
We don’t cover politics or negativity. 

We will reject or remove any content that does not meet our standards.

Apply for Editorial Coverage

Ready to work with our editors to get coverage for your company, clients or trade show? Follow the appropriate links below:

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