Favorite Hotels & Restaurants

Ask yourself this, “If your top clients were traveling to your city or a city you really know, what hotels and restaurants would you recommend?”

The Drury Inn and Suites in Franklin, TN is a top pick of our founder.
The Drury Inn and Suites in Franklin, TN is a top pick of our founder.

We’re choosing the top restaurants and hotels for each of our city publications based on the favorites of the top executives in the companies we cover. This is a great opportunity to add some personality to your interview with us. But, it is also a great opportunity to expand our coverage of you and your company to any of the hundreds of cities we cover.

You’re welcome to talk about hotels and restaurants in your hometown or any city you know really well. If you would recommend it to your best clients, that’s good enough for us.

We have publications in all of the major cities and countries. So, feel free to tell us about any city you really know.


Just pick a hotel or restaurant and send us the following:

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Hotel or Restaurant Information

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Photography & Video
This is only an option. But, if you would like to provide your own pro-quality photography or video, we’ll consider publishing it. Just make sure you have permission where required. And, don’t submit pictures of other people.